A wedding day is one of the most precious days for every human. Brides and grooms dream for this day and try their best to make it memorable. Wedding makeup is one of the essential aspects that cannot be neglected while planning for a wedding. A bride always tends to get the best bridal makeup look for her special day. She hires professional bridal makeup artists who can give her a flawless look. There are several things that a bride has to keep on her bridal list.

From bridal lehenga to bridal mehndi, bridal Makeup, bridal hairstyle, etc., everything needs to be preplanned for the bride. Well, what if all these things get included in one package? Isn’t it interesting to get all your requirements fulfilled just by booking one professional bridal package? Of Course, yes! And therefore, to help the brides getting ready with the wedding makeup, we are up with the best VLCC bridal packages that are not just limited to Indian brides but also available for brides located abroad.

About VLCC

Being one of the most favourite choices of brides, VLCC has always stood by the expectations of their clients, founded by Miss. Priya in 2012, VLCC is a beauty and wellness company serving its clients in 290 different locations, in 105 cities, and across 12 countries. To help the clients with the best services, professionals of VLCC are ready to travel across the world. With professionalism and determination to keep the clients satisfied, VLCC has always come up with different offers and packages for brides and grooms. From trained professionals to experienced makeup artists and fashion consultants,

VLCC has become one of the most popular beauty partners of brides and grooms. From providing VLCC facial kits, Vlcc sunscreen, and other VLCC products, this company has become dynamic with the changing trends. VLCC makeup does not need any introduction. It has always impressed the clients with effectiveness and efficiency. Their precise vision towards the beauty industry has helped many people to get a glamorous look on their wedding day. It would not be wrong to say that VLCC could always be a reliable beauty and wellness partner.


After considering the needs and requirements of a bride, here we are up with the top 5 VLCC bridal packages. These packages would add value to your wedding day and make you look a stunner. These packages would fulfil all the aspects of your wedding makeup and preparation. From bridal facial kits to bridal mehndi and bridal hairstyles, the following mentioned VLCC bridal packages are everything you need for your wedding day:

Two Weeks Package

The first VLCC bridal package is the two weeks package which includes various services for the bride. From full body waxing to your bridal Makeup, it would be an exclusive offer for you to look pretty on your special day. Following are the services included in this VLCC two weeks bridal package:

  • 2 VLCC Bridal Facial
  • VLCC Bridal manicure and pedicure
  • Hair cuts
  • gel therapies
  • full body waxing
  • Body massage
  • nutritional counselling
  • VLCC light Makeup
  • VLCC evening makeup
  • VLCC Bridal Makeup

All the services as mentioned above would be provided to the bride by the professional staff of VLCC, and there would be no scope for disappointments. Many brides want to get their skin prepared in a short period. And this package could be the perfect one for them. Within two weeks, all your skin problems would be resolved. The VLCC gold facial kit, VLCC diamond facial kits, VLCC bridal facial kits, etc., would make your skin shine and remove pigmentation, pimples, blackheads. This complete VLCC two-week package could be the best bridal package for a beautiful bride.

Four Weeks Package

Here is another exciting VLCC bridal package which is provided with a time duration of 4 weeks. This bridal package includes exciting services which would enhance the overall bridal look of a lady. It consists of numerous benefits which are essential for a bride. The four weeks VLCC bridal package includes :

  • body waxing
  • full body bleaching
  • threading
  • VLCC body ubtan
  • VLCC Bridal facial
  • VLCC manicure and pedicure
  • VLCC gel therapies
  • two light make up sessions
  • 1 VLCC evening makeup
  • VLCC Bridal Makeup.

The above mentioned are the services included in the ultimate four-week VLCC bridal package. Grabbing this opportunity to get ready by the VLCC professionals for your wedding day could be an exciting experience for a bride. Every bride wants to get the best Indian bride look, and VLCC helps her fulfil this dream. Without further delay, book your VLCC bridal package right away and add glamour to your bridal Makeup and bridal look.

Wedding Day Package

If you are a bride who only needs professional assistance for your wedding day, here is an exclusive wedding day package from the VLCC. This bridal package for the wedding day is the best package with numerous services. On the wedding day, a bride should be relaxed and stress-free to look flawless. Heart beauty should be reflected in her happy and calm face. And the VLCC bridal package for the wedding day would give you complete relaxation and ease. The wedding day package from VLCC includes:

  • An exfoliated face clean up
  • VLCC aroma body massage
  • Relaxing scalp massage,
  • VLCC manicure and pedicure
  • Ultimate VLCC Bridal Makeup

To make your wedding makeup shine flawlessly on your skin, this fantastic VLCC bridal package is all that you need. This wedding day package from VLCC would be your relaxing partner. Get a professional head massage and release all your stress. Look fabulous with the grand VLCC bridal makeup done by a professional bridal makeup artist. If you want to enjoy your wedding day with zeal and enthusiasm, this package is meant for you.

Royal Look Bridal Makeup Package by VLCC:

If you want assistance with your bridal Makeup, then this Royal Look Bridal Makeup Package by VLCC is the one for you. Get your bridal lehenga for bridal saree draped with perfection by a VLCC professional. With a beautiful bridal hairstyle, this royal Makeup look would look more attractive and appealing depending on your personality. VLCC hires the best professional makeup artists who are well trained by experts. They are experienced and have given the best bridal look to many brides. Therefore, you can rely on the VLCC bridal makeup package without any hesitation. The best part of this package is it comes at a very affordable price. The VLCC makeup artist would be patient with your requirement and give you a perfectly glamorous and sizzling Indian bride look.

Groom Package

Here is another package by the CVLCC especially designed for a charming groom. This VLCC groom package includes multiple services which would add colours to the special day of a groom. Below mentioned services are included in this VLCC groom package:

  • Gentle hair wash
  • Deep hair conditioning
  • A shave with a face to neck bleach
  • VLCC Groom manicure and a pedicure
  • an exclusive VLCC Groom facial
  • VLCC full body massage inclusive of a scalp massage
  • VLCC premium groom makeup.

These services would surely make a groom look at his best on his wedding day. These services would be effectively provided by the professionals of the VLCC beauty and wellness centre. This VLCC groom package is available at an affordable price. So all the handsome grooms out there, grab this offer and be the centre of attraction on your wedding day.

Wrap Up

Above were some of the best VLCC bridal makeup packages, which are perfect;y suitable for the wedding day. These packages include professional service with premium VLCC bridal makeup. All the packages are available at an affordable price. Moreover, to get any further clarifications, as in case you have any doubt, you can contact any VLCC centre and get a free consultation service. Get any VLCC bridal package and get your dream Indian bridal look on your memorable wedding day.

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Bridal Makeup Package

Selecting a bridal package is not at all an easy task. A bride has to think about a lot of things while choosing a bridal package for herself. From professionalism to the services, she has to consider multiple items to get the best bridal makeup packages for her wedding day. To help you select the right and professional bridal package for your wedding day, we are up with specific points that the brides must consider while choosing a bridal makeup package. They are mentioned below:

  • Bride’s Requirements

A bride would be able to select the right bridal makeup package when she is transparent with her needs and requirements. If you are a bride and you know what you need in a bridal package, you could select it with perfectionism. There are different types of bridal packages available with various kinds of services. Some packages are restricted only to bridal Makeup, while other packages also provide bridal facials, bridal hairstyles, bridal lehenga consultation, bridal body massage, etc. Therefore, if a bride is clear with her needs and requirements, she would be able to choose the right bridal makeup package for herself.

  • Services included

Service is the most crucial part which needs to be considered while selecting a bridal makeup package. A number of services are included in a bridal package, such as facial, body massage, bridal body ubtan, scalp massage, bridal Mehendi, and bridal hairstyle. Bridal Makeup, evening makeup, threading, body waxing, haircut, etc. A bride can choose a package as per the services she needs. If a bride is clear with what service she needs for her wedding day, she would be able to get the right bridal makeup package for herself.

  • Time Required

There are some brides who want to give ample amount of time for their wedding preparations. Whereas, on the other hand, there are brides who do not have much time and want to get last-minute bridal services. Hence, time plays a vital role while selecting a bridal makeup package. Decide the time limit you have for getting the service included in a bridal makeup package and choose one such package for yourself. There are various packages that come based on time such as, two weeks bridal package, four weeks bridal package, one-day bridal makeup package, wedding day package, etc. A bride could choose one based on her time restrictions.

  • Budget and Cost Effectiveness

Budget plays a crucial role while planning for a wedding. From bridal lehenga to bridal mehndi designs and bridal Makeup, everything requires effective budgeting. If you are clear with the budget you have for your wedding bridal makeup package, then you could select the right one for yourself. Some bridal packages are expensive, whereas others are affordable and cost-effective. Therefore, choose the one which is suitable for your budget.

  • Professionalism Of The Brand

Before you choose the brand from which you will take the bridal makeup package, make sure you go through the reviews about that brand. Be focused on the professionalism and services provided by the brand. Some brands are not very effective and popular. They do not give effective services. Hence, choose a phone after proper search and consultation.

These were some of the things which a bride must consider while choosing her bridal makeup package. If you are considering the above items, there is a high probability that you would not get disappointed by the bridal package you are choosing for your wedding day. Considering these things would make you choose an effective and professional bridal makeup package. So make sure you do not compromise with anything while deciding on a bridal package and look gorgeous on your special day.

At the Glance

Now that you know the things required to be considered while choosing a bridal makeup package and various VLCC bridal packages available, you can select the best one for yourself. This complete guide with the top 5 bridal makeup packages would help you prepare for your wedding makeup. We hope that you look best on your dream wedding day with the most classy Indian bridal look.

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