Wedding makeup is one of the essential things for a bride. Each girl dreams of her wedding day and wants to look her best on this auspicious day. Therefore is no doubt, on a wedding day, the bride and the groom are the stars of the occasion, and everyone keeps an eye on them. From cameras to guests, everyone looks for the bride and the groom. In such a case, a bride would always wish to look glamorous. A wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions in anyone’s life. Every girl wants to make her day special. Many photographs are being clicked on this day to make a memory album. And hence, it is essential for a bride to look beautiful and comfortable in bridal lehenga and bridal makeup.

Bridal makeup is being done in many stages. It is not as easy as any other party makeup. Expensive products and professional makeup artists are required to give a bride a gorgeous bridal look. Bridal makeup includes covering the base, a proper foundation coating, mesmerizing eye makeup, and glossy lips, along with a bridal hairstyle and an elegant bridal lehenga or a bridal saree. The most important of all stages is eye makeup. Yes, bridal eye makeup is fundamental to be done with proficiency and profoundness. Eye makeup is one of the most delicate parts of bridal makeup. It requires professionalism to do proper eye makeup. From applying Kajal to putting eyeshadow, each thing should match perfectly with the bridal outfit. Therefore, people often think that bridal makeup is only the cup of a professional makeup artist.

Well, here is some good news for you: doing bridal makeup can be an easy affair for you as well. Forget about giving high bridal makeup prices to bridal makeup artists. We are here with a complete guide on how to do bridal eye makeup perfectly. To do bridal eye makeup, an individual is not required to struggle a lot. All you need is certain professional eye makeup products, concentration and passion for learning and applying bridal eye makeup and enhancing your creativity. Your mindset and dedication to your work would speak volumes while doing bridal makeup. And, of course, your creativity and skills would add stars to your bridal makeup look. So why delay further? Let’s see how to do bridal eye makeup perfectly in an easy yet efficient manner.

Products Required For Bridal Eye Makeup

A bridal makeup kit is always incomplete without professional eye makeup products. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you must know about the products essential for a perfect bridal eye makeup look. Here we are up with a complete bridal makeup list of items that will tell you how you can select the right makeup products for ideal bridal eye makeup. Following are some of the products which are must for perfect bridal eye makeup:


Eyes often get prone to heavy dark circles. Whether you have dark circles or not, the area under your eyes often remains opaque and pigmented compared to your face’s skin. Hence, concealer is one of the essential makeup products for bridal eye makeup. Concealers are available with different textures and consistency. If you have dry skin, you must go for a creamy base concealer, whereas if your skin is oily, a liquid-based concealer with powder coating will suit you the best. Brides having normal skin can go to any of the two Concealers. As per our experience, the best concealer is. It is perfect for any skin type and suits any skin tone as well. Hence, make sure you choose the best concealer for your eye makeup.

Eyeshadow palette

Another important makeup product is the eyeshadow palette. This product does not need any introduction when it comes to eye makeup. There are several professional eyeshadow palettes available at marketplaces. Eyeshadow palettes come in both compacts as well as in large sizes. A compact eyeshadow kit comes with specific colour combinations. You might get a smokey eyeshadow palette, or you can also get a rose shade red eyeshadow palette. Based on your bridal lehenga, you can choose a compact-sized bridal eyeshadow palette.

On the other hand, an Eyeshadow palette consists of various colours that can go with multiple outfits. From outfits that you’re going to wear at different functions to your wedding outfits, these large-sized eyeshadow palettes would be used for various purposes. Hence, it is always recommended to go for a large-sized eyeshadow palette with a variety of colours. For a perfect bridal eye makeup look, it is recommended.


Kajal is another crucial aspect of eye makeup. It enlarges your eyes and makes them more attractive and appealing, adding a spark to your eyes and makes them look more effective. A makeup artist should choose such Kajal, which does not irritate the brides’ eyes and can be applied easily. Moreover, a kajal is used directly exposed to the waterline, and hence, it should be quality approved. Also, it should be water-resistant and give a matte look. We recommend Kajal as it is worth using to get a perfect bridal eye makeup look.


To enhance the overall look of your eye makeup, eyeliner is an essential product. You can never find a professional makeup artist not using eyeliner while doing bridal eye makeup. Eyeliner is not only required for brides, but any natural makeup requires eyeliner as an essential product. Therefore, get an eyeliner that is water-resistant, long-lasting, and gives a matte texture to your eye makeup. You can use eyeliner which professionals use.


When you have small eyelashes that are not very visible to your heavy eye makeup, using mascara can be the best thing for you. Mascara adds volume to your eyelashes and gives them a mesmerizing look. A perfect mascara is long-lasting, easy to use, has a nice and heavy brush, and is waterproof. These characteristics in mascaras make them perfect to use. If you want a professional bridal eye makeup look, then you can choose. It is practical and gives a perfect look to your eyelashes.

Eyelashes extension

Eyelashes extension is another product that has now become important for bridal eye makeup. It gives a unique look to the eyes and makes it look more appealing and attractive. Eyelash extensions are available in different types. Some are available with natural hair, whereas some are artificial-looking. If you want a perfect and natural bridal makeup look, using natural hair eyelashes extension can be the best option. Moreover, eyelash glue is again essential and needs to be perfect and of good quality. Therefore, get the right eyelash extensions such as etc.

Eyebrow palette

Eyebrows should be natural and look effective. But, it is a well-known fact that not everyone has the right eyebrow with perfect shape and volume. Therefore, making eyebrows while doing bridal eye makeup is essential. For this purpose, various eyebrow palettes are available. Some of the best eyebrow palettes are. Hence, choose the right eyebrow palette based on your needs and requirements.

Tips before Makeup

(eyebrows, sleep, product organization)

Bridal makeup is vital for a bride on her wedding day. But, before she gets her final Indian bridal makeup look, she needs to take care of her skin and health before her wedding day. If you are a bride and want to look best on your wedding day, you must focus on your health and fitness. A beautiful bride is not the one who gets on a lot of makeup but has a natural beauty and focuses on natural bridal makeup. Therefore, a bride must know some tips that she can follow before her bridal makeup. Here we are up with some essential tips that a bride should know and follow before she gets ready for her wedding day:


Eyebrows sound to be a very common and unimportant thing when it comes to the beauty of a bride. But, eyebrows can give you a completely different look. If your eyebrows are in perfect shape, then your overall bridal look would be enhanced. Moreover, if your eyebrow shape is not in a shape that suits your facial features, then chances are there that your bridal makeup does not come out as it requires it to be. Hence, getting your eyebrows done is very important for a bride. But, a bride should get her eyebrows done before her wedding day. Whenever we get our eyebrows done, Our skin pores open, which takes time to get smooth. Moreover, eyebrows often lead to rashes on the skin of some people. So, if you are getting your eyebrows done before your wedding day, you are overcoming a great challenge that could give you a pleasant and attractive bridal makeup look.


A bride must look fresh and energetic. It is not only the makeup that makes a bride look beautiful but her freshness and glow on the skin also play an essential role. Therefore, taking complete rest and sleeping properly is vital. Wedding rituals are always very tiring, and hence, a bride must take care of herself and sleep timely. A night of good sleep can enhance the glow of your skin and rejuvenate your muscles. It would end up giving you glowing and lustrous skin.

Organize Your Bridal makeup Kit

If you are going to provide your bridal makeup kit for your bridal makeover, then you must organize it a day before your wedding. If your bridal makeup kit is updated with all the bridal makeup products, it will make your job easy. The last moment hassle would not be something you face. Without good makeup products, you cannot have a bridal eye makeup look, and there, you must organize your bridal makeup kit before your wedding day.

Steps To Follow For Perfect Eye Makeup

Now that you are aware of the products required for perfect bridal eye makeup and also the tips to be followed to get smooth and glowing skin on your wedding day, it is time to see the steps to be followed for applying a perfect eye makeup look. These steps are as follows:

Step 1- Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CMT) is the key to perfect skin. If you want your skin to glow and shine on your special day, you must clean your skin with a cleansing milk or face wash that suits your skin type. A bride must apply cosmetics and products that suit her skin type because any wrong product can harm the skin, and the makeup look can act to her disadvantage. For the fore, choose the right cleansing product for your skin. Once we clean our skin and remove the blackheads, whiteheads and dust part coils, many tiny pores of our skin get open. These pores are to be settled down to get a smooth base for makeup. The front, toning can is again an im[postamt apart. It helps in giving a smooth base to apply makeup flawlessly. Moisturizing does not need any introduction. It is vital to maintain the moisture of the skin. A perfectly moisturized skin will always get you a pleasant and natural makeup look. Therefore, CTM is the key to open the doors of a beautiful bridal makeup look.

Step 2- conceal

The next step that you need to follow is concealing. Choose the right concealer based on your skin type to conceal the dark circle and pigmentation around your eyes. It is an important step and cannot be ignored. If concealing is being done effectively, the colours of eyeshadow would be enhanced and stand out. Concealers are available with different textures for different skin types. Make sure you buy the right concealer to get a perfect bridal eye makeup look.

Step 3- eyeshadow

Here comes the most crucial part of eye makeup. Get your eyeshadow palette and choose the right colour that goes right with your bridal lehenga or bridal saree. If you can choose the right eyeshadow shades for your eye makeup, you would surely end up getting a perfect look. At this stage, your creativity would play a significant role. Choose bright colours for the eye makeup to highlight the eyes. You can also go for a bridal smokey eye makeup look as it is trending these days. Hence, get your eyeshadow done effectively with enough creativity and professionalism.

Step 4- Kajal

The next step is to apply the Kajal. This product would enhance your makeup and add stars to it if your Kajal is used well. Your overall makeup look would stand out. These days, various colours of Kajal are available other than black. Based on your choice, you can get one and apply it perfectly to the waterline. It is always recommended to get a smudge-free kajal to get a long-lasting and water-resistant bridal eye makeup look.

5- Eyeliner

Who does not know the importance of eyeliner in bridal eye makeup? Eyeliner is one of the significant products that are essential for a professional and attractive eye makeup look. It gives volume to your eyes and makes it look more appealing. It enhances the colours of your eyeshadow. Overall, it completes your eye makeup with perfection.

6- mascara

Brides who have short eyelashes can use mascara to enhance them. Mascara can add volume to your eyelashes and make your bridal eye makeup look more attractive and mesmerizing. It curls your eyelashes and gives them a perfect look.

7-Eyelashes extensions

These days, eyelash extensions have become the most crucial part of the bride; eye makeup look. It gives volume to the eyelashes and enhances the overall look of the bridal makeup. Eyelashes extensions come in different varieties and ranges. Therefore, one must choose these extensions precisely to get a perfect bridal eye makeup look.

Above were the steps that are required to be followed to do perfect bridal eye makeup.

Wrap Up

Now gets the best bridal eye makeup look on your own by following this guide religiously. Forget about paying considerable sums to makeup artists and become your professional makeup artist. Be the centre of attraction on your wedding day and hold your partner’s attention with your mesmerizing eyes.

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